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The boat when I bought it
Ready for restoration
Getting the rot out
Sanding & Painting
Fixing the trailer
Back on trailer
New wood & fittings, etc.
Deck & Cockpit Refinishing
The boat sees the water!
If I had to do it again
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The O'Day Javelin is a 14' daysailer that was built by the O'Day Company in Fall River, Massachusettes from 1962 to the mid '80s.  It is a very easy boat to rig and sail.  It is a great family boat, or can be singlehanded quite easily.  I also was born in Fall River, so the Javelin has a real sentimental factor to it!

This site will take you through the restoration I am undertaking with a circa 1966 "classic" Javelin.  I picked up the boat at a price I could not pass up (and won't reveal)!  It needed much  work, but being that I have champagne tastes on a beer budget, it was the perfect project for me.

The boat had sat for a few years exposed to the elements, and filled with about 8" of water.  The paint was in bad shape, the transom was rotted, and there was a "mysterious hole repair" done on the bottom port side.

I am, by no means, an expert at boat restorations.  This is my first boat, and my first restoration.  This site is designed to help others get the confidence to take on a restoration project for themselves.  I hope you you find it helpful!

This site is very, very photo intensive, so be patient as the images load.  You can see the larger version of each picture by clicking on the link below each image.  You can see historical information on the Javelin by clicking on the insignia to the left.  The restoration pages are sequential, and you can begin by pressing the start button below.
Dave Thierer
O'Day Javelin Owner
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David E. Thierer.

This site is a documentation of my repairs - it is strictly for information, not instruction.  I cannot be held liable for anyone else's repair work!