In the beginning . . .

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Javelin Javelin 1

This is what the Javelin looked like when it first arrived home.

The trailer tounge had bent with the weight of the water that had been sitting in the cockpit.  All of the paint had been badly weathered, as had the brightwork.  The decision was made to start fresh, and bring the Javelin back to better-than-new condition.

The topsides had been painted white, and the paint was flaking off.  The gelcoat was badly cracked, and the original teal color was showing through.
The transom was capped with wood trim, covering the painted plywood core.  There were bolts running through the transom trying to keep it together.  The core was extremely soft with all of the rot over the years.

(The grey piece on top is a mast cradle/light bar.)

Inner Port Transom
Original hole
There was a "mystery hole repair" on the port side bottom.  It was a surface patch with some sort of black epoxy.  The previous owner said that it wouldn't leak, but I wanted to sand it down to see what was really going on down there . . .