The Completed Boat

The Javelin finally sees water!

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Dave and J by Lake
With all of the work done, the boat was ready for her "sea trials."  This was mostly to make sure she wouldn't sink!

This would be the first time in about 5 years she would see water (the previous owner had her sitting for about 3 1/2 years, and I worked on her for another year and a half).

Here she is fully rigged and ready to take on the local lake.  It was late in the day, and the wind was extremely light.

After launching her, she still floats!  She is seen here being tended by a couple of sailors from my yacht club.

The sailor holding the line is an experienced friend who was helping with the "sea trials."

She loves to be back in her element!

J in Water at Dock
Dave in J at Dock
Well, after boarding her, she is still floating.  I did find a very slow leak coming from the threads of the centerboard pivot bolt.  I had bedded the rubber gaskets around the bolt, but never thought to bed the threads.  This was done later.

Prior to dropping the centerboard and rudder, she was very "tippy" for a man my size while boarding.  With the foils in place she stabilized very nicely!

Dave in J Sail Up

Here the captain poses for a picture at the helm.  This is the first time the sails have been raised since I have owned the boat.  The wind is very light, but she moves along quite nicely!

Dave in J Sail Up 2
Taxi Stripe Port Side

Later that week,  I added the registation numbers and my "taxi cab" cove stripe.  My wife had joked that she looked like a taxi, so I ordered actual taxi stripes to use as my accent stripe.  She's a real head turner!

Dave Racing in Regatta Dave Racing in Regatta 2

After taking care of the odds & ends, I raced at the next regatta at my yacht club.  Again the wind was light, but I had a blast in the Javelin!  She may not be the fastest boat in the fleet, but she makes up for it in fun!

Dave Sailing in Marina

Here are some good shots of the rigging and sails.  The sails were the set that came with the boat when I bought it.  They must be at least 25 years old, but they are not blown yet - a few seasons left in them.

The boat is surprising quick in light wind.  When the win picks up, though, she is very lively.  I had two large people aboard and we both had to hike out - she is very quick!

Dave Sailing in Marina 2
Sailing Belews Creek

Sailing Belews Creek 3

Sailing Belews Creek 1

Sailing Belews Creek 2

Beached at Belews Creek

A perfect daysail on a warm fall day.  A friend brought me out here, and it was one of the best daysails I have had!  I use a trolling motor for when the wind goes away.

A de-naming & re-naming ceremony was held after one of our club races.  The Commodore officiated, and there were some witnesses.

Tradition dictates that a boat has to have it's name purged from Posidon's ledger prior to re-naming it with a different name.  The ceremonies must be performed back to back.

When the boat was hauled out that weekend, I applied the new name to the transom.  I had a local sign shop make up the cast vinyl letters to be applied to the boat.  The application was very easy.

This really made everything official, and marked the completion of the restoration.  But as every true sailor knows, you are never finished working on a boat! . . . . .

Yo Taxi
Trolling Motor Booster Pac

For daysailing with my son, I use a trolling motor to get away from the dock, or to return to the marina in light winds.

I found a small gel cell battery to power the motor.  It is a rechargeable type, and there is plently of juice for my needs, plus it is small and light!.