Historic Javelin Information

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This is an O'Day Javelin sales flyer from about 1967.  It gives the specifications, standard features, and images of a Javelin under sail.  The flyer I obtained was in black and white, and came from the original paperwork from a friend's O'Day Mariner.

I also have 1966 & 1967 O'Day ads showing the whole line-up of day sailers, and a 1962 ad (the first year) for the Javelin.

This is the official Javelin insignia.  It is the insignia used on the mainsail.

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Javelin Insignia
Spec Sheet
This is the specification sheet from the Javelin Class Association (JCA).  They show all of the measurement for all parts of the boat.

You can also see Sail Specifications, Spar Specifications, and Specs for Running Rigging.

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Spec Sheet

Click on the Javelin picture to the right to see a reprint of a 1974 Javelin owner's manual.

The set-up, rigging, and operations are explained.  Standard equipment is listed, and safety information is given.

GEORGE O'DAY  (1923 - 1987)

O'Day was a racing sailboat enthusiast.  He won the America's Cup as an assistant helmsman in 1962 and 1967.  After winning the 1960 Olympic Gold Medal in the 5.5 Meter, he turned to boat building, founding the O'Day Company.

George O'Day
UFFA FOX  (1898 - 1972)

This is the designer of the O'Day Javelin.  He is considered the father of modern planing sailboats.  His designs include many other sailboats such as the International 14, the Flying 15, the Albacore, and the O'Day Daysailer.

(See the Links page for a link to the Uffa Fox site in the UK.)

Uffa Fox
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Yes, the Javelin tradition is being carried on by the O'Day Japan Corporation who are still building many O'Day boats.

Here it is - the elusive fixed keel model Javelin!  This is the only one I have found, and the owner provided numerous pictures. This is a fine example of a rare O'Day Javelin option.

Click on the picture to see the gallery of shots of the fixed keel Javelin.