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Regatta Javelin Sail

Javelin Related Sites:

Javelin Sailors Discussion List

This is where you can sign up for the e-mail discussion group, and get advice from other Javelin owners.  This is the core of the new JCA.

This is the current home of the Javelin Sailors Discussion Group.  A great place to ask questions of other Javelin owners!

This is the e-mail for Dan Reiber, the Javelin "Guru".  He had been involved with the JCA, and offers an owner's manual for the Javelin that is a "must have" for any Javelin owner.  He also offers a custom tabernacle for the Javelin.  You can order a manual for $10.00 by mailing to Dan:

                    Dan Reiber

                    208 Kendel Drive

                    Oberlin, OH 44074-1909


Dwyer Aluminum Mast Company

The original spar manufacturer.  They have all kinds of spar fittings, tabernacles, and other sailboat hardware. I'm a dealer for them - let me know what you need!


D and R Marine

This is Rudy Nickerson's company.  Rudy had been a manager for O'Day before they went bankrupt.  He bought up their old inventory, and he has a lot of original O'Day parts.  You can reach him at:

                    D & R Marine, Inc.

                    14 Water Street

                    P.O. Box 921

                    Assonet, MA 02702




Uffa Fox Ltd. Home Page

This is the site for the designer of the Javelin.  You can buy plans & books by Fox.


SLO Sail & Canvas

You can order new sails for your Javelin, or any other sailboats. They also make boat covers and other boat related items. Their prices are very reasonable and they are the official "Yo Taxi!" sponsor!


Hamilton Marine

This chandlery in Maine carries new PVC rubrails for the Javelin.  The part numbers are #120-F for the vinyl rail, and #121-2R for the under-rail.  Great prices!

O'Day Related Sites:

O'Day Owners

A site for O'Day related forums, boats for sale, pictures, etc.


O'Day Sailboats Unofficial Website

A great site for historical information on O'Day sailboats.  You can view photo galleries, model overviews, and find other useful information and links.



The Day Sailer Class Association

Great articles including "Buying a Used Day Sailer." A great site for the Day Sailer class, but there is useful information, classifieds,and photos.


O'Day Owner's Web Ring

A good source for other O'Day links and discussions.

Other Assorted Links:

Lowell Boats

The website for the wooden boat restorer that helped me with my transom repair. Great photos!


Lake Townsend Yacht Club

The website for my original yacht club.  There is information on the lake that I started sailing on.


Canadian Driver

A good site discussing trailer wheel bearings.



On-line store, articles on any boating related subject, chat rooms, message boards, etc.  A highly recommended site!



Boat owners association, an online store, classifieds, etc.  Check out boat names.


Ceremony for renaming boat (boatsafe)


Ceremony for renaming boat (goodoldboat)

Another great collection of boating related websites.

Knots & Stuff

Knots on the Web

Knotting resources; knot tying, theory, knot art, software, books, videos, etc.


Knots? Yeah, more knots ? With video

Manitou Boats has put together a great collection of knot tying videos that will have you tying lines like a true sailor!


Grog's Boating Knots

Another great site of animated knots for boating. 


Real Knots

More knots; bends, hitches, loops, and fancy knots.  Step by step with pictures.


Thank you for visiting this site.  I hope it was informative for you!  If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me below: