O'Day Japan Corporation
Classic Javelins Still Sailing!

These photos were sent to me from Akira Takayama, O'Day Japan Corporation.  The Javelin is still being manufactured in small quantities in Japan, and it may be maketed to the American market in the future.

These are some great shots of the Javelin in action in the waters of Japan.  There are very few yacht harbors, so family sailing is not widespread.  Most harbors are filled with fishing vessels.
You can see from the cockpit, that this Javelin is made from the classic model molds.  There is the open cockpit, with wooden floorboards,and a wood trimmed transom cap.

Under the cuddy, you can see the bow floatation tank.  The seats also contain more floatation materials.

There's nothing like some wood to really make a boat look great!
Pictures supplied by O'Day Japan Corporation