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Original Paint Port
I decided that the best thing to do was to take the boat off of the trailer, and flip it over onto sawhorses, paint the bottom of the boat, then return it to the trailer.

You can see here how bad the paint was both on the boat and trailer.

I was instructed by a local boat restorer, who was my advisor, to document everything on film.  This will help when it is time to re-assemble things.

All of the fittings were removed.  Being that all of the hardware was discolored and had paint on them, I had everything polished.  Note the green cleat!


The plan was to do the transom repair while the boat was still on the trailer.  Once the repair was done,  I would flip the boat over onto a pair of saw horses, redo the "mystery hole" repair, work on the trailer, then return the boat back to the trailer.  The topside painting will be done on the trailer, with dropcloths protecting the freshly painted surfaces.

Being that I did not have a garage to work in, all of the work was done outdoors, in warm temperatures.  All of the fittings, brightwork, blocks, lines, etc. were labeled carefully and stored away in the house.  The supplies were obtained for the repairs, my advisor was contacted, and I was ready to go!