Reunited Again! . . .
"The boat returns to the trailer"

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Overall front Overall back

When the trailer was finished, the boat was returned back onto it.  The new  rollers and bunkboards now support the boat better, and the forward mast crutch carries the mast for trailering.  The rear mast crutch is still to be fabricated - it will drop into the rudder mounts, and support the rear section of the mast.

The upper section is still to be completed, so all of the hardware and fittings are still off of the boat.  The topsides will be painted semi-gloss white, using one-part polyurethane paint.

Mast Crutch
Here you can see the 3" roller on the top of the mast crutch.  The roller helps when it comes time to step the mast.  There will also be another crutch with a roller mounted on the rear of the boat.

The winch and bow stop assembly now pulls the boat straight onto the trailer.  I can fine tune it's position up and down along the post.

Winch post

Winch-Bow Stop
Here is another look at the winch & bow stop assembly in position.

This set-up is more efficient than the original winch-mount.  I believe that with the original set-up pulling the boat downward, this added to the bending of the tounge.  (It is also easier on the bow eye fitting.)

Here is a look at the tounge reinforcement that straightened things out.  It was made of 1/2" rebar welded to the bottom of the drawbar.  The tounge is 10' long overall, and the rebar bridging keeps the flexing to a minimum.

(One of the keel rollers can also be seen under the bow section.)

Drawbar Reinforcement
Launch Platforms

The next modification was the addition of launching ramps on the trailer tounge.  This make the launching and retrieving of the boat much easier (and safer). No need to do a balancing act on the 2" tubing!

Launch Platforms CU

The platforms were made from diamond plated steel.  I had tabs welded underneath so I can run bolts through, under the tounge.  One platform was mounted close to the winch post, and the other at the end of the tounge, under the bow of the boat.

The next additions were a bow tiedown strap, and a spare tire with a locking mount.

The tiedown is a 1" web strap that bolts to the trailer, and hooks to the bow eye.  Just a bit of added security while trailering.

The spare tire I mounted to the tounge just aft of the winch post.  The mount goes under the frame, through two bolt holes on the rim, and has tabs that screw down over the studs.  The tabs have holes in them for putting on a padlock.  This location seemed to  the best choice for the spare.

Bow Tiedown
Jack Stand
The last modification was adding a jack stand to the trailer tounge.  Prior to the stand, I had to muscle the coupler onto to the tow vehicle, and place the tounge on a cider block on the ground when not in use.

The new stand swings out of the way during trailering, and has a wheel which makes maneuvering the trailer into position a snap.