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                      Historic Javelin & O'Day Ads
                      1967 Javelin Flyer
                      1966 O'Day Ad - Daysailer line-up
                      1967 O'Day Ad - Designers, Line-up
                      1962 Javelin Ad - First year!
                      1966 Javelin Ad
                      1962 O'Day Ad - Daysailer line-up
                      The Javelin insignia
                      Specifications blueprints
JCA Spec Sheet                      
                      Sail Dimensions
                      Spar Specifications
                      Running Rigging Specifications
                      Reprint of Javelin Operations Manual
                    Picture of George O'Day
                    Picture of Uffa Fox
                    O'Day Javelins still being built
                    A fixed-keel Javelin
                    Pictures of the Javelin when it arrived home
                    Cracked paint/gelcoat
                    Rotted transom
                    "Mystery Hole" repair
                    Bad paint
                    Discolored fittings
                    "The Plan"
                    Separation of deck and hull
                    Removal of rotted core
                    Preparation for new core
                    Dry fitting of new core
                    Laminating of core
                    Fairing of transom
                    Fiberglass cloth on interior surface of transom
                    Tabbing transom to hull
                    Scraping & sanding of hull
                    "Mystery Hole" repair
                    Primed hull
                    Centerboard bushing & spacers
                    Final application of paint
                    Transom drain hole
                    Paint & new bunkboards
                    Axle sub-assembly & bearings
                    Old winch mount
                    New winch & bow stop assembly
                    New winch mount
                    Mud flaps
                    Boat back on trailer
                    Mast crutch & winch mount assembly
                    Winch & bow stop assembly
                    Tounge reinforcement
                    Launching platforms
                    Bow tiedown strap & spare tire
                    Jack stand
                    New floorboards, seats & splashguards
                    Tiller, tiller extension
                    Old floorboards
                    Masthead, Masthead sheaves
                    Centerboard winch
                    Centerboard pulleys
                    Floor drain plug
                    Boom vang strap
                    Outhaul block and cleat
                    Whisker pole
                    Centerboard trunk cap
                    Motor mount
                    Headstay adjuster
                    Reefing Claw
                    Deck preparation
                    Cockpit preparation
                    Inspection port
                    Fairing on deck
                    Reinforing ribs under deck
                    Non-Skid on deck
                    Completed deck
                    Cargo net
                    Painted cockpit
                    Completed cockpit
                    Bow shelf edge
                    CB Control lines
                    Jib track
                    Jib cleats
                    Mainsheet cleat
                    Compass & halyard cleats
                    Tiller Tamer
                    Finished rudder
                    Installed tabernacle
                    Topping lift
                    Initial "sea trials"
                    Taxi stripe on boat
                    Racing in regatta
                    Sailing on Belews Creek
                    De-naming & re-naming ceremony
                    New name applied to boat
                    Trolling motor
                    Gel cell battery
                    An overview and suggestions
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